A dog food company, but better.

A dog food company, but better.

The Butternut Way

At Butternut, our values are central to how we behave as a business - and as individuals too. These values are what guide us every step of the way as we grow, so that we can continue to be proud of the company we started. They remind us what's impawtant to us, what we get out of bed to do every day and how we go about doing it.

Dedicated and Determined

  • We work hard together to make things happen (tail wags are at a max)
  • We don’t wait to be told, we drive and believe results speak louder than barks.
  • We don’t just tell you what we’re going to do, we show you.

Open and Honest

  • Dogs are our best friends and relationships are built on trust.
  • Doing right by dogs and the community is our biggest priority.
  • We seek honest feedback.
  • We are humble. We know we aren't pawfect.

Genuine Care

  • We want to leave dogs and humans smiling after every interaction.
  • We take care in our work.
  • We understand the weight of this responsibility. We are caring for a member of the family.
  • We share moments of happiness together and look out for each other.
A dog looking through a magnifying glass

Strive for Better

  • We believe dogs deserve better.
  • We want to make a difference.
  • We are not the finished article, but we learn and act quickly to be better.
  • Big, bold ideas are encouraged, but small improvements can make a huge impact.

For the Love of Dogs

  • Dogs make the world a better place.
  • We have a genuine passion and love for the work we do (work is our walkies).
  • We do it all with a sense of humour.

Open roles

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We're always on the woof-out for new talent, so feel free to let us know you're interested.

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Perks of becoming a Butternutter

Co-working office space with meditation yurt & podcasting booth.

Weekly 'Lunch and Learns'.

Friday Beers, monthly socials and quarterly off-sites.

Be part of an energetic, creative, high performing Butternut squad.

Plus...office dogs.

will do tricks for treats

not a fan of squeaky toys

has his own spider costume

A bit about us...

At Butternut, we’re on a mission to deliver health and happiness to dogs and their humans all over the world. We want to change the pet food industry for the better and we are building the right team to do just that.
We’ve come a long way since it was just Kev and Dave delivering their first boxes - and we’re only getting started. We work hard together to make things happen but we take the time to celebrate the wins, big or small, as a team too. We’re always on the lookout for smart, kind, honest, ambitious people to join the Butternut Squad.

Must love dogs too.

Reckon you’re up for it? Check out our open roles.

The Butternut Way

At Butternut, we follow a few simple “hound” rules. They are very important to us and we’d be barking mad to break them.

Build trust

We are passionate about doing things the right way and want to be clear, honest and transparent about what goes into your pooch's meals. We understand that we are feeding a member of the family and you can trust that we are giving them the dinners they deserve.

Show the love

We may not be able to give you a face lick or a belly rub, but at Butternut we aspire to:

  • Leave humans smiling after each and every interaction
  • Help dogs live healthier, happier, longer lives
  • Share a few unexpected moments of happiness along the way

Always try to be better

We believe dogs deserve better. We are passionate about doing things the right way. We want to change the pet food industry and help improve the experience for all pet-parents and the lives of all pets.

Do it all with a sense of humour

At Butternut, we try to have as much fun as dogs do on a daily basis. Whether that’s chasing our imaginary tails, howling at passing traffic or simply living that pug life #fureverpunny.